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Yoga. Luxury. Beauty.


Here at curated yoga retreats we’re all about creating beautiful, deep, memorable yoga trips. Our retreats include gorgeous settings, proximity to cultural experiences, luxury accommodations, seasonal & local cuisine, outfitted yoga spaces led by experienced & passionate teachers. We want you to leave feeling replenished physically, mentally, energetically and spiritually. 


Italy Yoga Retreat on the Adriatic Sea June 29-July 6, 2024

Rejuvenate with 7 days of yoga and mediation in the Le Marche region of Italy overlooking the Adriatic Sea. Stay in one of two villas set on 8 acres of land nestled amidst vineyards, gardens and olive groves.


Crafted with yoga students and those that teach them in mind.

Since 2001, Nikki Estrada has been leading yoga retreats around the world. It started with weekend retreats in the San Francisco Bay Area and moved to week long international retreats. Curated Yoga Retreats was created to support other yoga teachers  and wellness professionals in bringing their students to amazing international locations.

Our retreats include luxury accommodations, incredible seasonal cuisine, proximity to nature and cultural experiences and beautiful yoga practice spaces. 


Find answers here to frequently asked questions. Want to learn more about our immersive curated retreats? Click below to send us an email.

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